30 day training plan

The change you were looking for!

Start transforming your body in 30 days easily depending on your level.

Personalized training depending on your level and objectives.


Through a level model, you will learn how to improve your lifestyle and realize the benefits you will gain over time, a better mood and overall health.


30-Day Workout Plan is a 30-day training plan that seeks to change your body based on your goals. Either:

-Lose weight

-Reduce size

-Recover energy

-Sculpt your body naturally

-Gain lean muscle mass.

-Control anxiety

-Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Through a goal training model you will learn what, how, when to train based on your requirements to achieve your goals.


What does it include?

PERSONALIZATION: Each plan is personalized because it is made to your measure, according to your lifestyle, objectives. For this reason each plan is unique because we are all different.

COACH: You will have access to a team of professionals who will answer your questions, help you avoid implementation errors and achieve your goals.

PROGRESS RECORDING: Every week you must record and report your progress in your account. This way we can evaluate your changes and make the necessary adjustments to reach your goals.

ADJUSTMENTS: Your plan contemplates adjustments or training cycles to re-stimulate your body and avoid stagnation.

When you make your health your number one priority, the rest comes naturally - let us show you how!

Make up your mind to start your change!

How to start?

By purchasing your plan you will receive instructions, complete your form and begin the process.

Within three business days we will send your plan to your email and notify you to start your Transformation and new lifestyle.

* This plan is suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

** The value of the plan includes all plan days.