Proteins are a fundamental part of our lives and they have different functions in our body. The most important is that ...


Scrambled tofu

Tofu is one of the most widely used foods in Asian countries and has countless recipes and different uses in gastronomy, such as scrambled tofu in this case. It could also be considered a super food due to the amount of protein it contains since it comes from soy


Chia seeds

Chia comes mainly from central and southern Mexico. It has a large amount of nutrients, which makes it a very healthy choice.


Stretching and their benefits

In physical training, elongation is included as a fundamental part and allows people to reach higher levels of performance.


Chickpea Cracker

Would you like to eat something healthy and rich that provides us with certain proteins to our diet and has properties such as: High fiber content. Decrease the


Beta alanine

Do you want to know more about beta alanine? Did you know that it is one of the most famous supplements on the market for increasing physical and sports performance.


Legumes, the food of the future

Currently there are two silent problems that need to be extinguished from our planet. On the one hand, we have the hunger suffered by around 800 million

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